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Hi! I’m Randall Killeen and I’m the Atlanta-based publisher of I Help You Blog.  My background is in business, law and accounting.I Help You Blog is a new blog about all aspects of professional blogging. Yeah, another “problogging blog” right? Enough of those already! But this blog is very different from the other problogging sites out there. I Help You Blog is about improving the value and worth of a blog from the point of view of someone who might down the road want to sell it. I Help You Blog seeks to demystify the factors that determine blog value and worth.  So long as the blogosphere continues to grow and there continues to be a demand for excellent quality blogs for sale, there will be a place in the blogosphere for I Help You Blog to provide excellent advice to help bloggers improve their blogs’ value and worth, and to help buyers and sellers of blogs to identify quality indicators in blogs. I can be reached through any of the comment forms on this site. Don’t be afraid to get in touch. I don’t bite!